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Natural evolution "dresses" Laila Alawi in Cairo Film Festival «Photos»

Natural evolution "dresses" Laila Alawi in Cairo Film Festival «Photos»
    Always keen artists to choose the clothes that appear at public events, and in Egypt kept a large number of artists on the sparkle and wear relevant and distinctive clothing at the Cairo International Film Festival, which is one of the most important Arab forums and international, and the competing artists to show both of them more elegant the other in order to snatch the limelight and attract them.

    Laila Alawi one of the most artists take part in this great festival, they are always trying to attract attention to it as one of the most important Star Egypt, so they usually appear in Avctaj festival concerts Pfsatan glamorous and passed to snatch the attention of everyone.

    In the 33rd edition of the festival, which was launched in 2009 Laila appeared loft Pfstan silvery color hijacked by lights, but in the course of the 34 of the festival wore a black dress transparent, although the paper dress but it was been criticized by many for being pointing out what more needs to be more transparent much.

    In the 35th edition of the festival Leila Black Pfstan appeared to attract the attention of many of them, especially as they explained their appearance this color as a good bad events to pass out of Egypt.

    In the 36 session, which it was launched in 2014 Leila shined Pfstan make them the subject of severe criticism by the audience, provoking dress, state of the controversy in her first appearance on "sound and light", under the foot of the pyramid Theater, was the dress revealed a large part of her back, and showed full her legs.

    In the current edition of the festival for 2015 Leila shone Pfstan of global designer Hani Beheiri, who said before the ceremony that helped him design the Model Selection they lost a lot of weight bounced Layla dress blends white color black.
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